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Living in the Now Newsletters

        LITN Newsletter Directory for 2018-2020

        2018, Volume 1

Certain topices, such as sovereignty and healing are covered throughout the year.

    Jan: Hearing Soul, Sovereignty, Attitude of Gratitude.
       The Mind Thinks, the Heart Knows
    Feb: Love & Forgiveness Sovereignty;To Love allows another to do as they choose
       whether we like it or not;  Heal yourself. No one else can.
   Mar: Mind is the Builder; Sovereignty; Four(4) M'hican councils;
       If I think I can I'm right, If I think I can't, I'm right!!
   Apr: Pauwau, Healing Ancestral Grief, Sovereignty;
        Separation is an illusion
    May:Words are energy; Healing ancestral grief, Sovereignty
    Jun: Spirits Gratitude, Healing Energy
    Jul: Pauwau; Releasing Anger, Gratitude.
    Aug: An indigenous village; Medicine Pauwau
    Sep: Respect Replaces Judgment, Cooperation Replaces Bias
    Oct: Making Music Sound connects us with the NOW
    Nov: To eliminate pain, eliminate cause. Sovereignty masters emotions.
    Dec: Rule of Law promotes Organized Chaos necessary for free

        2019, Volume 2

    Jan: Increase Peace. Disorganized chaos being replaced by organized chaos.
    Feb:Disclosure: Revealing what has been kept hidden.
    Mar: Disclosure: Part II. What can we do? What we can do.
    Apr: It's None of My Business What Others Think of Me
    May:Illusion vs. Reality What happens when we wake up?
    Jun: Time to Recognize TruthEnergy Increases make it easier to see truth
What to do NOW?5 steps
    Aug: Expect the Unexpected! Be the Calm in the Eye of the Storm, affecting all.
    Sep: Now: A War Raging For Human Hearts Fear based control vs. free expression.
    Oct Healing Now Decide to heal and release the anger and fear.
    Nov: We are humans being human moving as fast we can allowing any who wish,
        to keep up.
    Dec: We are at a Crossroads. Which path are you walking?

        2020, Volume 3

    Jan: Overcoming Blocks: Letting Go of the Past - Living in the Now
    Feb: Shifting Ages: - into a newer way of being
    Mar: The Aquarian Age: Live in the Present - Shift from Mind into Heart
    Apr: Healing Grief: - Maintaining Immune System
    May: Are You Living Your Dream?: -Key Ingredients NOW: Choose, Love,
        Forgive, Be Grateful
    Jun: Self Defense:- Without Taking a Life
    Jul: NOW:- War for Free Expression; Gratitude for Whales, Trees
    Aug: Chaos and Sentient Plants:- Replace Disorganized with Organized Chaos
    Sep: Living Now:- Being Eye of the Storm
    Oct: Who's in Charge?:-We are through our choices.
    Nov: Shifting:- in Awareness, Dimensionally
    Dec: Live Now:- Let go of what no longer serves.

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