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    Living in the Now Newsletters for 2021-2023

    A monthly newsletter, begun in 2018, regularly published on the 27th of each month.

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            2021, Volume 4

    Jan: Creating NOW: Letting Go of the Past - Living in the Now
    Feb: Expand Thinking:What we ignore atrophies. What we encourage grows.
    Mar: Manifesting: Focusing Attention Shifts Energy, Generates Matter.
            Building Circles of Trust.

    Apr: Recover: Gaia is re-inventing herself. She is Anastasis now.
            How are we doing?

    May: Words Create RealityMind is the Builder, controlled by words. Affirm. We.
    Jun: Do Own Research Take Nothing for Granted
    Jul: Today is a New Day; Rags to Riches: Now is forever; always changing,
            never ending.

    Aug: Information War: The war for control of the human consciousness.
    Sep: Believe What You Know. NOW. Recognize patterns and clear blocks.
    Oct: Now is the Time By doing nothing, we are doing everything.
    Nov: Connecting Consciously We are all connected. We are Ones we are waiting for.
    Dec: Monumental Change The calm in the Eye of the Storm is contagious.

        2022, Volume 5, 10 issues Jan. - Dec.

    Jan: Love or Fear: -Fear Blocks Love. Love Banishes Fear
    Jan: Telepathy: -Universal Language of Spirit
    Feb: The Play - Living in a Performance
    Feb: There's No Going Back - the old ways are gone. It's a new way of being
    Mar: The Thin Line between respecting others' rights and controlling the environment
    Apr: Upgrade Thinking and Speaking Changes necessary to Live NOW.
    May: not published
Jun: not published
Jul: Life is Change - Change is Life
    Aug: Living Now: 2012 Christmas Poem - We're here to stand up in love
    Sep: Changes in Plant (Food) Growing - in the Summer of 2022
    Oct: Global Prosperity Services Replaces World Financial System
    Nov: We're All in This Together. Stand arm in arm, shoulder to shoulder.
    Dec: Choosing Cooperation. -Makes it less painful to rebuild.

        2023, Volume 6

    Jan: Stand and Unite with All Goodhearted Souls. The fence is gone. Protect.
    Feb: A Time to Mourn, A Time to Heal: Taking time is necessary for proper healing
    Mar: Time to Change Our Story? The Story we tell ourselves.
    Apr: Wonderfully Made: - Chromosomal/Epigenetic Evidence
   May: Disclosure: A Multi-edge Sword We are multi-faceted beings.
    Jun: The Attitude is Gratitude - - Being grateful auto shifts our energy to a better level.
    Jul: The Call to Remember - to remember who we are and why we are here
   Aug: Cooperation or Extinction - Cleaning up our thinking
    Sep: Who makes Your Decisions? - a closer look at the reality of how we decide
    Oct: Accept Feelings There are no wrong feelings. Accept. Examine cause. Let Go.
    Nov: Projection and Resonance
    Dec: Creating the Future

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