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Neetopk Keetopk
My Friends, Your Friends
Sharing the River of Life

NeetopkKeetopk is a community organization formed as a continuation of the Two Row Wampum Treaty Enactment via a paddle down the Muhheakanituck, aka Hudson River, in the summer of 2013 celebrating its 400th anniversary.

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        10th Anniversary Celebration
    Indigenous Customs
        Words Before All Else
        Circles: Native American Circles - includes
            Talking Feather
            Sacred Ceremony
            Four Directions
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            Books for Children, etc.
            Works from Evan Pritchard
        What Indigenous Wish Others know-- includes
            More about nature:
            Creator made all with equal love:
            The Way of the Heron
            Wanisi do:
    Events and Powwows
    LITN: A monthly newsletter, begun in 2018, regularly
                published on the 27th of each month.
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Love Banishes Fear

cooperation; respect; equality; sharing; sovereignty;
non-hierarchal; non-judgmental

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