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Media Resources

          This section lists some books, magazine articles, videos, etc., which provide additional information on indigenous people and their interactions and relations with others. Note: Materials suitable for children are suitable for children of all ages.

Some Books for little Children:
Book Publication'sTitle Author Description age/pps
Acorn Boy Acorn Boy Evan T. Pritchard all/ 20
BrotherEagle Brother Eagle, Sister Sky Susan Jeffers adaptation of speech by Si’ahl, Suquamish [Chief Seattle 4-8y/ 32
Giving Thanks Giving Thanks Jake Swamp, Wolf Clan, Mohawk Peace Chief A Native American Good Morning Message 4-7y/ 24
Mountains Mountains, Meadows, and Moonbeams: Mary Summer Rain A Child's Spiritual Reader K-6/ 234
Star Babies Star Babies Mary Summer Rain 6-10y/ 48
Children Children of the Seventh Fire: Lisa A. Hart An Ancient Prophecy for Modern Times all/ 40
daughter Daughter of the Tree: Walking in the Woods with Sojourner Truth Rev Dele Sophie Mimelistag (Illustrator), S P (Artist) all/ ?
13 Moons Thirteen Moons on Turtle’s Back Joseph Bruchac, Abenaki of the Adirondacks a native American year of moons. 4-8y/ 32

        Some Books for Young Adults:

Indian Annie Little Dove nass no word Sam, Maddie Tao Willow Witness

Indian Annie: A Grandmother’s Story, historical fiction by Sally Bermanzohn

Little Dove and the Standoff at Sitting Rock, a novel by Evan T. Pritchard

Native American Short Stories by Jim Red Fox Sarles

No Word for Time: The Way of the Algonquin People by Evan T. Pritchard, Micmac

Sam, Maddie and the Mirror Dragon, Two Inspired Teens and Their Quest to Discover Mother Earth’s Secrets, by Elizabeth Flanders and Evan Pritchard

Tao of Nature: Earthway's Wisdom of Daily Living from Grandmother Earth by Mary Summer Rain, Aug 13, 2002, 272 pgs

Willow's Secrets, historical fiction by Sally Bermanzohn

A Witness to History: Wandering Bear’s Hudson Valley Journey of 1613 historical fiction about the Two Row Wampum Treaty, by Evan T.Pritchard

        Other Recommended Books

BirdMed HH-ANY nass-ep natNY

BIRD MEDICINE The Sacred Power of Bird Shamanism     by Evan T. Pritchard

Henry Hudson and the Algonquins of New York: European Discovery, Native American Prophecy     by Evan T. Pritchard

Native American Stories of the Sacred     by Evan T. Pritchard

Native New Yorkers     by Evan T. Pritchard - a controversial history of the Big Apple and Hudson Valley

        Works from Evan Pritchard
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