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To be sovereign is to allow self to do as self responsibly decides is best for self.

          We are sovereign people. This is what is meant by having free will, free expression. We are created with choice: we can go along with the “program” or not. We are here to have experiences of our choosing.

          When we take on a physical body, we have total control over it unless we temporarily lose this right by misuse. But this is ours to use or lose. No one else can usurp this right. We cannot usurp another’s right to free expression. We incur infringement on our own free expression by so doing.

To be truly sovereign, we must respect the sovereignty of others.

          Deciding what is “best“ for another violates their sovereignty. In violating another’s sovereignty we violate our own. We are all connected. What we do to another, we do to self.

          Sovereignty includes respect, compassion, cooperation, equality, sharing, non hierarchical and non judgemental ways of interacting. Following the hierarchical dictates of one or a few denies the sovereignty of all. Judging another places the judger over the one judged, denying equality and free expression. Working cooperatively enables all to achieve their aims and purposes with as little effort as needed. Sharing information, knowledge and resources enables all to better succeed. Forming group consensus improves the energy flow, fosters cooperation, respect and compassion, encourages people to do better than they original imagine possible and increases energy levels.

To be personally sovereign:

          One must educate oneself as to what one's rights are:

The U.S. Declaration of Independence acknowledges the rights of all to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
--- The right to life includes the right to clean air, clean water and clean food, as well as freedom from harm from others.
--- The right to liberty includes freedom of expression, self determination, freedom of association and assembly,
. . . --- the right to choose leaders/representatives and the form of governing,
. . . --- the right to freely enter into agreements with others by mutual consent.
--- The right to the pursuit of happiness implies one's right to choose one's own path in all things.

The U.S. Constitution's Bill of Rights recognizes certain rights in the first 10 amendments which are the rights of sovereign persons. Rights are to be exercised while respecting the rights of others and abstaining from impinging on others' rights.

The fastest way to lose one's sovereignty is to disrespect others.

Develop A Sovereignty Consciousness

          Have you developed a sovereignty consciousness?
One step in being sovereign is to let self know what you like/don't like. What you wish to do.
          Sovereignty is self management. Learn to act from within. Stop reacting. Consider options. Wait for best time to act if advisible. Have a GOOD reason to act.
Respecting others' right to free expression is a sign of sovereignty. Sovereigns do not tell others what to do. They say what they themselves would do or just do it.

Sovereign persons refrain from telling others what to do.

          We do not formally train others in being sovereign.
We show them how we do it. People often imitate what they see or hear. We easily see this when children imitate their parents and/or others, copying what they see and hear. This is evident in observing how trends in public activities form.

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