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Two Row Early Supporters

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          The Two Row Treaty Enactment was initiated in 2012
          by the Onondaga Nation Council of Chiefs
          Jake Edwards, Eel clan, was point person and Project Coordinator.

          It was quickly supported by:

          Hudson Valley Supporters:
Sally Bermanzohn, Chair, HV organizer;
Paul Bermanzohn, HV organizer;
Chris Countryman, cell phone charging station;
Peter Cunningham, water safety;
Airy Dixon, Saponi;
David Eberle, Beacon organizer and overnight host;
Sarah Elisabeth, Beacon coordinator;
Etaoqua, Bear clan, pie maker;
Paul Gorgen, Mohawk;
James Krivo, HV vendor coordinator;
Matoaka Little Eagle, :
Myra Long, HV Housing coordinator;
Nick and Linda Miles, Powhatan;
Jim Peppler, photographer;
Evan Pritchard, M'ikmaq,
. . . Beacon Performance organizer & coordinator
Rainbow Weaver, [Valerie Brant] Mohawk;
Shilo, Seminole;
Grandmother Silver Star;
Tania Barricklo, photographer, Daily Freeman;
Frank Bergman;
Deborah, Barbara and Susan;
Heike Krebs;
Turtle McDermott;
Father John Nelson;
Bill Record; Kayleen Rivers:
Laurie Seeman; Robin Smith;
Joanne Steele,
Betsy Stang; Pam Timmons;
Paul Tobin; Stephanie Wells;
Toni Wiedenbacher;
Henny Wise; Karin Wolf;
Rick Dufort;
Creek Iverson, Lisa Mitten,
Amanda Sisenstein, Odell Winfield

Pine Hill Community Center
Maritime Museum in Kingston
The City of Kingston, City Clerk
Women's College in/near Rensselaer

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          Onondaga local area:
- NOON, Neighbors of Onondaga Nation
- Oren Lyons, Faithkeeper, Turtle clan
- Andy Mager, Finance and Outreach Coordinator
- Jack Manno, Education Coordinator
- Tonya Gonella Fricher, Snipe clan, NYC Organizer
          American Indiam Law Alliance,

- Lindsey Speer
- Hickory Edwards

          Nations and Circles
-Association of Native Americans [ANA] of Mid-Hudson Valley
- Thunder Bear Intertribal Circle
- The Cherokee of the Northeast
- The Dakota Unity Riders, Gus HighEagle
- The Esopus, Jim Davis, Judy Abbott
- The Matinecock
- The M'heakannuck Proper
- The Ramapough: Dwaine Perry, Vinny Mann,
    . . . Anthony Van Dunk; the Morgans, Stefanciks, Van Dunks
- The Wapppingers

This list is a work in progress, and by no means exclusive.

        Contact: (Etaoqua)

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