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Two Row Tenth Anniversary Celebration

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Two Row Celebration at the Rail Trail Cafe July 30, 2023

The Hudson River Valley Supporters of the Two Row Wampum Treaty Enactment celebrated the 10th anniversaryof the 2013 Two Row Enactment on Sunday, July 31, 2023 with a Native American Music Festival at the Rail Trail Cafe in New Paltz, NY.
Photos are of people connected with both events.

Two Row 10th Anniversary 3122
Two Row vets: [l - r] Ramapough Chief Dwaine [Iron Bear] Perry; HV Organizer [HVO] and paddler Sally Bermanzohn; Kayleen Rivers, Kiosks maker; in front of Beacon Organizer [BO]/ overnight host David Eberle; BO Performance/Coordinator, Evan Prichard, M'ikmaq; uidm; BO Coordinator Sarah Elisabeth; Musician David Amran, HVOs Etaoqua [Bear clan] and Paul Bermanzohn.
Two Row 10th Anniversary grp

[l-r] Front: Etaoqua [sitting]; Sarah Elisabeth [squatting] Standing front row: ???m, Judy Abbott, Charlene Kelsey, Carol Warren, Sally Bermanzohn, Henny Wise, Tara Johannessen [with granddaughter], and Elga Antonsen.
Back row: Evan Pritchard. ???f, Lisa Mitten, J.D., Paul Bermanzohn, David Wise [behind Tara], Paul Tobin, Phil Erner, Bill Brown [behind Elga], Chief Dwaine Perry, Ted Hall

The "Muhheakanituck", aka "Hudson River", the river that ebbs and flows named for the people who ebb and flow. For more information, see

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